Journal of Family Violence

Print: 1996+
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ProQuest: Full text coverage: Feb 2005 (Volume 20, Issue 1) - current, delayed 1 year(s) - abstract and citation 1992 to current

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Website: The journal focuses on investigations utilizing group comparisons and single-case experimental strategies. It features case studies of special clinical relevance or that describe innovative evaluation and intervention techniques, reviews, and theoretical discussions that substantially contribute to understanding of family violence.
This interdisciplinary forum presents information on clinical and investigative efforts concerning all forms of family violence and its precursors, including spouse-battering, child abuse, sexual abuse of children, incest, abuse of the elderly, marital rape, domestic homicide, the alcoholic marriage, and general family conflict.
The journal publishes clinical and research reports spanning a broad range of disciplines, including clinical and counseling psychology, sociology, psychiatry, public health, criminology, law, marital counseling, and social work.

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