Reflective Practice

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On campus online: Academic Search Premier full text 2000 to 2007

Website: Reflective Practice is a refereed journal publishing papers which seek to address one or more of the following themes:
  • The different kinds of reflective practice and the purposes it serves
  • Reflection and the generation of knowledge in particular professions
  • The ways reflection is taught and learned most meaningfully
  • The links between reflection and the quality of workplace action

Reflective Practice publishes original, challenging and stimulating work which explores reflection within and on practice, as an individual and collective activity, that concerns personal knowing and transformation, collective regeneration and political activism, reflection and voice, values, negotiated meaning, identity and community.

Reflective Practice includes papers that address the connections between reflection, knowledge generation, practice and policy. The journal also publishes shorter pieces on recent initiatives, reports of work in progress, proposals for collaborative research, theoretical positions, knowledge reported in poetic, diagrammatic and narrative form illuminated by line drawings and photography, provocative problem and question-posing thought pieces, reflective dialogues and creative reflective conversations. Reflective Practice also incorporates, from time to time, short responses about how a paper awakens in the reader new understandings, sensitivities or possibilities.

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