Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

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Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience is a cutting-edge multidisciplinary journal aimed at fostering the understanding of mechanistic processes associated with CNS aging and age-related neuronal diseases. Another central role of the journal is to bring cohesion between disciplines and theories focused on understanding the fundamental processes of senescence. Special emphasis is placed on integrating findings of various sub disciplines in neuroscience to yield translational insight to the aging process and neurological diseases associated with senescence, and developing treatment strategies aimed at the conservation of neuronal function. This aspect is critical to advance our ability to understand, manage, and treat conditions associated with aging. Because of the integrative nature of the journal, the scope of articles that will be considered is broad, and includes work elucidating genetic, biophysical, genomic, proteomic, cellular, molecular, biochemical, endocrinal, immunological, physiological, pharmacological, and psychological/behavioral aspects of CNS aging and neurological diseases and pathological events connected to this process. Neuroimaging studies and clinical studies targeted to mechanistic aspects of neuronal aging/disease are also welcome.

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