Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine

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Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine is a global, peer-reviewed open access medical journal providing unrestricted, online access to publications on diagnostic and therapeutic advances in cardiology and cardiovascular disease. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine publishes peer-reviewed scientific investigations of the highest quality that are of relevance for the diagnosis, treatment, or pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease and related disorders with the goal to understand disease processes and to improve medical practice and patient care.

Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine publishes Original Research Articles (clinical or preclinical), Case Reports, Grand Rounds, Editorial Commentaries, Images in Medicine, Mechanisms of Disease Reviews, Mini Reviews in Medicine, and Letters to the Editor. Original Research Articles include manuscripts reporting results from clinical investigations, including Phase I-III trials and population studies. Original Research Articles from experimental studies from related areas such as physiology, pathophysiology, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, or pharmacology may also be considered as long as they relate to new understandings of pathogenic mechanisms or novel therapeutic approaches relevant to human cardiovascular disease. Articles related to medical education or future development of cardiovascular medicine are welcome. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine also publishes Medical Book Reviews on recently published printed works and text books relevant to practice, understanding, and teaching of cardiovascular disease.

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