The Public Library of Science (PLoS) Journal

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) Journal - Open Access

PLoS ONE features reports of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine. This online journal is peer-reviewed.

Business Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Print: Not available
Online: ProQuest Business Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; Philadelphia
Full Text: 1987 - current

Website: The Federal Bank of Philadelphia helps formulate and implement monetary policy, supervises banks and bank holding companies, and provide financial services to depository institutions and the federal government.

Business People

Print: Not Available
Full Text: 1989 - current

The Business of Global Warming

Print: Not available
Full Text: 2008 - current

The Business Lawyer

Print: Not available
Online access (Proquest): The Business Lawyer; Chicago
Full Text: 1997 - current
Website: The Business Lawyer is the premier business law journal in the country, circulating to approximately 60,000 readers. It contains articles of significant interest to the business lawyer, including case law analysis, and developing trends.

Agriculture Business Week

Print: Not available
Online access (Proquest): Agriculture Business Week, Atlanta Full Text: 2008 - current

Website: AgriBusinessWeek aims to deliver the latest news/trends in world's agricultural industry. We would also bring the latest updates in terms of technology and new processes you could apply in your business.
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Business Economics

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest):  Business Economics; Washington    Full Text  Full Text: 1992 - current

Website: Business Economics® is NABE's quarterly journal and serves as an essential resource and provides practical information for people who apply economics on their jobs.

International Journal of English Studies

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): International Journal of English Studies; Murcia       Full Text: 2008 - current

Website: The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGLISH STUDIES (IJES), published by the University of Murcia, Spain, is a refereed, peer reviewed, journal which seeks to reflect developments in the general field of English Studies. Edited by members of Murcia’s Department of English, the Journal is published in English, twice-yearly (June and December), as monographs and as regular open issues respectively, in the fields of English Language and Linguistics, Language Learning and Teaching, Literature and Cultural Studies, and attracts contributions from both nationally and internationally acclaimed scholars.


English Language and Linguistics

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): English Language and Linguistics; Cambridge       Full Text: 2001 - current, delayed 1 year(s)

Website: English Language and Linguistics, published twice a year, is an international journal which focuses on the description of the English language within the framework of contemporary linguistics. The journal is concerned equally with the synchronic and the diachronic aspects of English language studies and publishes articles of the highest quality which make a substantial contribution to our understanding of the structure and development of the English language and which are informed by a knowledge and appreciation of linguistic theory. English Language and Linguistics carries articles and short discussion papers or squibs on all core aspects of English, from its beginnings to the present day, including syntax, morphology, phonology, semantics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics and lexis. There is also a major review section including, from time to time, articles that give an overview of current research in particular specialist areas. Occasional issues are devoted to a special topic, when a guest editor is invited to commission articles from leading specialists in the field.

English Education

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): English Education; Urbana       Full Text: 1997 - current

Website: English Education is published by the Conference on English Education (CEE), and serves as a forum for discussion of issues related to the nature of our discipline and the education and development of English teachers at all levels, primarily middle and high school.

Basic & Applied Social Psychology

Print: Not available
Online access (Academic Search Premier): Basic & Applied Social Psychology
Bibliographic Records:03/01/1980 to present
Full Text:03/01/1980 to present (with a 12 Month delay)

Website: Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) emphasizes the publication of outstanding research articles, but also considers literature reviews, criticism, and methodological or theoretical statements spanning the entire range of social psychological issues. The journal will publish basic work in areas of social psychology that can be applied to societal problems, as well as direct application of social psychology to such problems. The journal provides a venue for a broad range of specialty areas, including research on legal and political issues, environmental influences on behavior, organizations, aging, medical and health-related outcomes, sexuality, education and learning, the effects of mass media, gender issues, and population problems. This research should have important implications for basic social processes and often is some of the most exciting work in the field of social psychology. BASP aims to provide a forum for a rich mixture of experiments, non-experimental methods, field studies, and welcomes innovative design and analysis strategies.

Marine Biology

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): Marine Biology; Heidelberg       Full Text: 1998 - current, delayed 1 year(s)

Website: Marine Biology publishes original and internationally significant contributions from all fields of marine biology. Special emphasis is given to articles which promote the understanding of life in the sea, organism-environment interactions, interactions between organisms, and the functioning of the marine biosphere.

Human Biology

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): Human Biology; Detroit       Full Text: 1994 - current

Website: A world-wide forum for state-of-the-art ideas, methods, and techniques in the field, Human Biology focuses on genetics in the broadest sense. Included under this rubric are population genetics, evolutionary and genetic demography, quantitative genetics, genetic epidemiology, behavioral genetics, molecular genetics, and growth physiology parameters focusing on genetic/environmental interactions.

Biodemography and Social Biology

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): Biodemography and Social Biology; New York       Full Text: 2000 - current, some exceptions

Website: Biodemography and Social Biology is the official journal of The Society for the Study of Social Biology, devoted to furthering the discussion, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge about biological and sociocultural forces affecting the structure and composition of human populations. This interdisciplinary publication features contributions from scholars in the fields of sociology, demography, psychology, anthropology, biology, genetics, criminal justice, and others.

The American Biology Teacher

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest): The American Biology Teacher; Reston       Full Text: 2000 - current, delayed 6 month(s)

Website: Since its establishment in 1938, the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) has been the recognized "leader in life science education." Thousands of educators have joined NABT to share experiences and expertise with colleagues from around the globe; keep up with trends and developments in the field; and grow professionally.

Transforming Anthropology

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest):
Transforming Anthropology; Washington       Full Text: 2000 - current

Website: As the chief publication of the Association of Black Anthropologists, Transforming Anthropology interrogates the contemporary and historical construction of social inequities based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, nationality and other invidious distinctions. Published semiannually, Transforming Anthroplogy reflects the dynamic, transnational, and contested conditions of the social worlds..

The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

Print: Not available
Online access (ProQuest):
The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology; Berkeley       Full Text: 2005 - current

Website: The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (JLACA) is a peer-reviewed journal of anthropological research on Latin America and the Caribbean, which is published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The journal maintains a broad definition of geographical remit and includes diasporic populations. This inclusion is aimed at allowing systematic, fertile, and intellectually stimulating comparisons, which have not been sufficiently explored in publications about the region.

Cultural Anthropology

Print: Not available
Online access(ProQuest): 
Cultural Anthropology; Washington    Full Text  Full Text: 1999 - current

WebsiteCultural Anthropology is a quarterly journal; each issue includes 5-6 scholarly essays, highly interdisciplinary and approximately 12,000 words in length, and expected to be of the highest literary quality. The journal’s essays are long and discursive, aiming to draw readers in and let them figure out and even embody conclusions as they move through the piece.  Experimentalism – methodological, theoretical and textual – is expressly encouraged in Cultural Anthropology essays.