Journal of Literacy Research

On campus online: ERIC: Full text 2000 to 2007

Off campus

Website: JLR Journal of Literacy Research is an interdisciplinary journal publishing research related to literacy, language, and schooling from preschool through adulthood. Articles published in JLR consist of original research, critical reviews of research, conceptual analyses, and theoretical essays. JLR publishes research concerning all aspects of reading and writing including the interrelationships among the various uses of language that affect literacy. Investigations of the social, affective, cognitive, pedagogical, technological, and political dimensions of literacy are appropriate for publication in JLR. Articles represent diverse research paradigms and theoretical orientations, and they employ a variety of methodologies and modes of inquiry. JLR serves as a forum for sharing divergent areas of research and pedagogy and encourages manuscripts that open dialogue among professionals in a variety of disciplines.

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