American Journal of Community Psychology

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On campus online: ProQuest: Full text coverage: Dec 1994 (Volume 22, Issue 6) - current, delayed 1 year(s)

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Website: Published in association with the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA), the Division of Community Psychology of the APA, the American Journal of Community Psychology offers quantitative and qualitative research on community psychological interventions. The journal explores individual, group, neighborhood, organizational, and social levels. The coverage ranges wide, through such topics as individual and community mental and physical health; educational, legal, and work environment processes, policies, and opportunities; social welfare and social justice; studies of social problems; and evaluations of interventions. Eminent leaders in the field contribute articles and discussion of salient issues: prevention of problems in living, promotion of emotional and physical health, well-being and competence, empowerment of marginal groups, collective social action, social networks, institutional and organizational change, and self and mutual help.

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