Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences

Print: 1993+
On campus online: ProQuest: Abstract and citation 1992 to current (no full text)

Off campus

Website: For nearly thirty years, researchers, educators, mental health professionals, sociologists and policy makers have turned to the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences for the latest research and analyses on Hispanic issues. Each quarterly issue of HJBS brings you the latest theoretical work, research studies, and analyses you need to stay on top of this dynamic field. Distinguished experts from diverse fields of study present scholarly articles that keep you up-to-date with the latest behavioral research on a wide variety of Hispanic concerns, including cultural assimilation, communication barriers, intergroup relations, employment discrimination, substance abuse, AIDS prevention, family dynamics, and minority poverty.

The Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences is multidisciplinary and comprehensive, providing coverage of relevant issues from the fields of Sociology · Anthropology · Psychology · Education · Linguistics · Public Health · Economics · and Political Science.

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